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Doula support for parents during their birth journey and beyond

My aim as a Doula is to help you have the best labour, birth and postnatal experience possible. I can support you during your pregnancy, birth and in the early weeks. I am passionate about birth and babies and love working alongside parents as they begin life with a new addition to their family.

I offer Birth packages to help you be as prepared as possible for your big day. I will give you and your family the attention, information and knowledge you need to make informed decisions about your pregnancy and labour process.  

Postnatal packages are offered during the first 6-8 weeks to help new parents with all aspects of newborn care, breastfeeding advice and caring for older siblings. 

Every family is different, every baby is different and every Doula is different.

​I offer a free initial phone/video call so please get in touch to see if I’m the right Doula for you.

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Hello, I'm Wendy and I am a Birth and Postnatal Doula working in the Berkshire, North Hampshire, and Surrey area. Based in Bracknell I am happy to travel approximately a 15-20 mile radius. I have 3 grown up children and am also thrilled to have had my first grandchild arrive during 2021. 

I trained as a Nursery Nurse nearly 30 years ago and worked as a Nanny for many years before having my own children. I am an animal lover and ran my own dog walking and pet care business but when my daughter became pregnant it reignited my passion for all things baby! 

Childbirth can be daunting with many unknown factors and play out in many different ways. I like to really get to know my clients and will spend time with you listening to your wishes and preferences so I am able to advocate for you and protect your birth space. We will build a strong relationship and in this time where we often don't know who the midwife or Doctor might be on your special day I will be your constant, providing continuity of care and a familiar face who you can trust.

I truly believe that feeling fully prepared for your baby's arrival will give you confidence and peace of mind. I am here to help you understand how your body is naturally and instinctively designed to birth your baby. Whether you choose a home birth, hospital birth or have a planned caesarean being empowered with knowledge will help you make informed choices that are right for you and your baby. 

Once your little one arrives I can assist with all aspects of newborn care during the early weeks, including looking after your baby to allow you some time to rest and recover from the birth. Using my breastfeeding training I can support you with infant feeding, working with you as an individual to find what works best for you and your new baby. I will support whatever your feeding choice is and together we can ensure your baby is nourished and content. 

I provide support for the whole family so can help with care of other siblings, run errands, accompany you to appointments or cook a family meal. I have alot of experience with children with Autism and am happy to support families who may have siblings with additional needs.  

I offer a free initial phone/video call so please contact me if you'd like to know more.

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Antenatal sessions are a chance to discuss any worries or concerns you may have. They can also cover physiology of labour and birth, pain relief options, optimal birth positions, writing your birth plan/preferences and your rights and options. It can also be useful to do some postnatal planning where I can offer tips and advice on baby essentials and things like safe sleep. 

I have good knowledge of Hypnobirthing so can give you some guidance on how to use this during your labour. This includes promoting a positive mind-body connection, the role of hormones, breathing techniques, meditation, affirmations and protecting the birth space.  

Antenatal visits are including in the birth package but if you are not wanting a birth doula you can purchase a stand-alone antenatal package as follows:

4 hours of personal antenatal sessions, split over 2 visits - £100

6 hours of personal antenatal sessions, split over 2 or 3 visits - £120


As your birth doula I can provide emotional and practical support. We will work together and I will support your choices, giving you the best opportunity of achieving your ideal birth. 

My birth package includes 2 or 3 antenatal visits which are tailored to your specific needs and can cover all aspects of labour and birth, including hypnobirthing guidance (see antenatal section).

I will be on call from 38 weeks but should baby arrive before this time I will do all I can to be there for you. When you are in labour I will attend from the point at which you feel you need me and stay until after delivery when both mum and baby are settled. I will protect your birth space, whether that is in hospital, a birth centre or at home. 

Once your baby is born I can help initiate breastfeeding and promote skin to skin during the precious golden hour after birth.

Birth package includes the following:

  • 2 or 3 antenatal visits

  • On call 24/7 from 38 weeks until delivery

  • 1 postnatal visit within 2 weeks of birth

  • Phonecall or text support throughout your pregnancy 

      from £850



My role in the early weeks is to support you while you adjust to life with your newborn. This can include changing, feeding, bath time and settling to sleep. I can look after your baby while you have some time to yourself, catch up on sleep or spend time with other siblings. I can also run errands or cook a family meal. 

I am passionate about breastfeeding and am here to support you while this is established. I can help with positioning and attachment, help you understand your baby's hunger cues, advise on expressing and storage of milk, help you understand how milk supply works as well as making sure you feel confident and comfortable during a feed, which is equally as important. However, if breastfeeding isn't right for you I am on hand to help you find what works for you and your little one. 

My support will be tailored to your individual needs so you can enjoy this special time in the best possible way. 

Postnatal packages can be purchased as follows:

1 hour visit - £17.50

3 hour visit - £50

Blocks of 10 hours - £160

Blocks of 20 hours - £320

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Breastfeeding Together - April 2021


Every Birth Matters - November 2021


Dianne Ridout - November 2021


Breech Birth Network - March 2022


Every Birth Matters - April 2022 

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Wendy was my postnatal doula and all I can say is we were lucky to find her. From the minute I came in contact with Wendy she was in constant touch with me. She was proactive in sharing the suggestions on baby shopping and techniques on preparing for labour. She literally taught me everything from breastfeeding to pace feeding to bathing/grooming my baby. In all, her knowledge about labour, delivery and childcare is apparent and helpful. I can’t recommend Wendy enough. She is warm, confident and compassionate and the exact person you want to be with during a vulnerable and stressful time.
(AJ, Woking)
Wendy helped me prepare for my birth by showing me some hypnobirthing breathing and helping me write my birth plan. She supported me throughout the labour process and while I recovered from my c-section. She helped me with breastfeeding and was calm, patient, and encouraging throughout my labour and after my baby was born.
(CK, Reading)

Wendy provided resources and constructive advice during the antenatal period. During labour & birth Wendy tirelessly provided constant support, reassuring us and protecting our birth preferences as much as possible. At the same time she made sure that she wasn't intrusive, giving us our space. Throughout the period of support, she made us feel at ease with her communication, approachability and friendly nature. 
(PK, Slough)


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